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2010 Fireworks mark first local HDTV program broadcast in Juneau
Published: 07/08/2010 21:43:40
The Juneau 4th of July Fireworks 2010 were seen in HD on KATH-TV
The Juneau 4th of July Fireworks 2010 were seen in HD on KATH-TV (Mikko Wilson / KATH-TV)

KATH-TV's coverage of the 2010 Juneau 4th of July Fireworks was the first locally produced HDTV broadcast in Southeast Alaska. Though KATH-TV has been broadcasting in HD on GCI Cable channel 652 since August of 2008, HD content is generally limited to NBC network programming.

As an experiment, the Juneau 4th of July fireworks - which KATH-TV has been broadcasting live since 2004 - were broadcast live in HD at midnight on July 4th. The HD broadcast was the first time that a locally produced HDTV program has been broadcast in Southeast Alaska. KATH-HD is the only locally operated, and the only Network, HD channel in Southeast Alaska.

The fireworks were rebroadcast in prime-time at 8:07pm on Thursday July 8th, again in HD. This rebroadcast also tested some new broadcast technology that until now has not been available. It was the first local prime-time HD broadcast in Southeast Alaska, and perhaps even the first local HD prime-time broadcast in the entire state.

The HD broadcast was made possible due to a partnership with the JDHS Video Program that was able to provide cabling, and by the help of Jason Bluhm who supplied the HDTV camera.

Though a successful experiment; KATH-TV does not expect to be producing large amounts of local HD programming in the near future due to the costs and time involved in the process. "It's been a lot of time waiting for the computers to render this week, and we had our fingers crossed that it wouldn't crash on the air tonight!" commented KATH-TV Chief Engineer Mikko Wilson after Thursday's prime-time broadcast.