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United Way organize annual Day of Caring
Published: 10/07/2010 18:57:00
Updated: 10/08/2010 10:34:15

United Way is a national organization that works to improve the quality of life through working together. Tuesday was the annual United Way Day of Caring and the local group organized volunteering projects all over town.

Marie Stevens is an Admin Assistant with United Way of Southeast Alaska, she told us about what it's all about: "Day of Caring is a national United Way tradition. The United way in Juneau has done it; this is our 5th year. We have the most volunteers. And basically what it is, is the community giving back to the non-profits and their clients and going out and doing work projects for them. We have everything from painting at Big Brothers Big Sisters to planting bulbs out at JAMI to food drives at Safeway to cleaning up and sorting meds at hospice. We've got over a hundred volunteers and most of the volunteers are coming from the workplace."

Over 100 volunteers were present from about 10 local businesses. Projects for the day included painting at Big Brothers Big Sisters and SERRC, a food drive at Fred Meyer, and some landscaping work at JAMI

John Cayce of JAMI thanked the crew for their work. "We had 5 folks from the City and Borough - a few different departments. And they did just a bang up job. We got this done in probably 2 hours. So we're real happy, we're really pleased with it. And we just want to thank the City and Borough for letting us have their people to do this."

In what Brenda Hewitt, executive director of United Way of Southeast Alaska calls a "Week of Caring", the work wasn't limited to just Tuesday. With more eager helpers, the work continues this weekend...

Stevens explained "And then on Saturday the 9th, we'll have a whole other group of people that weren't able to do it today but wanted to give to the community. A lot of them are from the University. So we've basically got [...] about 10 projects going on on Saturday. A good portion of it's the UAS team, and then we've also got Polaris House doing a project and Rotaract, so it's a huge community that's come out, and it's just amazing."

There will also be a food drive at Safeway from 11 to 3 on Saturday.

By: Mikko Wilson -