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Governor's Open House 2009
Published: 12/10/2009 15:59:30
Updated: 12/11/2009 08:33:02

On Tuesday we attended the Governors open house, it was the largest crowd ever with a recorded attendance of 4,114 people. And it takes a lot of cookies to feed that many people.

According to Abby Roha of Abbys kitchen and Catering, it takes about 20,000 cookies. "It took us about a month and two weeks actually, we started with a good solid crew in our kitchen and have been baking, packing and freezing them in preparation for this wonderful event." Roha explains.

We asked the Parnell family if in keeping with tradition they had bought anything new to the residence for Christmas. "We havent this year, our plan is to design a new ornament for next year, we havent had a new ornament for the house for a couple of years now, and wed like to do that and offer that to the public" responded Governor Parnell.

Prominent local citizens were quite happy to see the new Governor and his family hosting the holiday party. Juneau Mayor Bruce Botelho said "For us its a double Christmas present as it were, because we have a Governor who is a resident of the Governors mansion. And bringing life again to this revered building in Juneau."

Representative Cathy Munoz added "Were so happy to welcome the Governor and his family to Juneau. Just in the last few days weve seen the moving trucks coming in and unloading all the boxes and its just been a really really happy time for the community and also the Governors family to get to live and experience the first days of their new residence."

Governor Parnell also had a holiday message for our viewers: "During this Christmas and holiday season we just remember our troops who are overseas, and we love and support their families. All Alaska and Alaskans are behind you, and I think for the rest of your Southeast audience I just would like to say Merry Christmas and happy holidays."

By: Rik Pruett -