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Wearable Art show is this weekend
Published: 02/10/2011 17:42:00
The 11th annual Wearable Art show is this weekend at Juneau's Centennial Hall. Planning starts in August for the show that takes about 150 volunteers to put together.

We spoke with event director Patricia Hull who told us about this year's theme: "This year we're creating lighting environments for the artists so that they can use light as a material. We have black light, we have low light situations; we have different color families of light that we'll offer. So it's allowing them to really flex in a new way."

About half of the participants chose to use the suggested theme of "Illuminate" and incorporated the use of lighting into their designs. The show will run almost two and a half hours and feature 72 models.

"One of the things that's really amazing is how this idea has caught fire with the younger generation. We usually receive around 30 to 35 applications a year, and this year at the peak we had 47 with 84 models. So we saw a pattern that a lot of them were from younger people, and to that end we wanted to include as many of them in the show as possible. And we've actually created a little show within a show to show a lot of this younger work, and it's really exciting to see their enthusiasm. We're calling it the next generation." said Hull.

The shows sold out a few weeks in advance this year, with the best seats going to JAHC Members who get the opportunity to purchase tickets for the show 6 weeks in advance of the general public. Anyone can become a member for a donation of $35 or more to the JAHC.

This year the theme will reflect in more than the outfits worn by the models.

"This is the first year that we're actually clothing the MC's in wearable art." revealed Hull. "Dana and Manuel Hernandez from Choco Boutique have designed original clothing for our MC's, so that will be a really fun aspect of this show and, yeah, make it more of a party."

By: Mikko Wilson -