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Santa visits Juneau on fire truck; NORAD tracking Santa live online
Published: 12/24/2009 14:28:00
Updated: 12/24/2009 13:05:23

For this special Christmas Eve edition of Southeast Spotlight Report, our cameras caught up with Santa as he rode around downtown Juneau on a Fire Truck last week. In an annual tradition, local Capitol City Fire Rescue helped Santa pass out candy and Christmas wishes to local kids.

"I love coming to Juneau, it's got such great beautiful mountains, my reindeer just love coming in here and I was able to jump onto the fire engine this year with the CCFR in Juneau, and it's just been a blast. All the people I love here, they all come out to see me and they wave to me, and it's just so much fun." Santa told us.

One of the first stops was the Governor's house, where Governor Parnell met Santa "I think it's just a great way to start the season or at least you know, welcome us here to Juneau, we're so happy to be here. And want to wish the residents of Juneau a merry Christmas and happy holidays." commented Parnell.
Santa's tour of Juneau took him through the neighborhoods of downtown and Douglas.

Colleen Jardell bought her children Cayman (3) and Claire (8) to Glacier highway to wave to Santa as he passed. Colleen told us they try to see Santa every year. "It's great, we're very lucky that they do this. I think it's a Great Idea."

On 12th street, Jeremy Ludeman brought his family in from the valley for the event. "we come down every year to see Santa Claus on his little route. This is a yearly tradition, and we'll go out and look at the lights around town after with all the guys." Said Ludeman

As everyone settles down to the festivities of Christmas, Santa told us where he's headed next: "Well, I'm going to head up to the north pole, but I've gotta be careful going up to the north pole because I always like going past Denali mountain, and I've gotta be really careful. It's better to go around the left side, we just curve right around there and then head up north."

NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) is tracking Santa as he makes his annual trip around the world. You can see video clips from around the world, and track Santa in real time on 3D maps at

By: Mikko Wilson -