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Bartlett Regional Hospital Opens New Surgical Unit
Published: 07/08/2011 13:50:00
Last Friday Bartlett Regional Hospital opened their new surgical facilities the final stage of a hospital wide renovation that has been many years in the making.

William Gardner is the Medical Surgical Unit Director at BRH, he told us about the new facilities: "Welcome to the opening of our new wing here this will help Bartlett better serve the community of Juneau we can offer more services with two bariatric rooms and we also have seven more room renewed they're larger and we can offer community driven needs and services for Juneau we also have a more services available to patients and their families here."

Pastor Tari Stage-Harvey, BRH's Chaplin spoke about the people that make the unit work. "It's a beautiful facility but what I appreciate especially as a chaplain here is that you are a beautiful staff that you are the hands of god who see many people through the seasons of their lives you are the folks who see them through being born through their dying through the mourning and the laughter so I give thanks for this beautiful facility for the resources that are here but I also want you to know that I give thanks for you."

Garth Hamblin, Chief Financial Officer at BRH, spoke about the history of the project: "It's called project two thousand five believe it or not that's when we thought we would finish not when we would start it's the completion of essentially rebuilding of our hospital the new mental health unit the new CCU the new OB the new emergency department in the wing that's behind us the renovation of our medical surgical floor was all part of what was conceived years ago in what we called project two thousand five so it's great to be here it takes dedicated board it takes skilled craftsman it takes a dedicated staff."

By: Mikko Wilson -