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National Night Out encourages you to get to know your neighbors
Published: 07/28/2011 21:17:00
How well do you know your neighbors? Whether you're close friends, or have never spoken; there's a great opportunity next week to get out and have some fun while building your community.

Officer Sarah Hieb of the Juneau Police Department told us about the upcoming National Night Out: "Next Tuesday, the 2nd of August, from 7 to 10pm is National Night Out. What that is, is a opportunity for people in the community to have what's called 'Block Parties' at their residence. Invite their friends, neighbors, visit with them. The police, fire department, and coast guard are all going to be out that evening driving around to the various parties to say hello, address any concerns they might have, and just talk to people in a nice friendly situation other than on a call."

If good fences make good neighbors, then a good BBQ makes great neighbors. There are all sorts of fun ways of getting to know your neighborhood according to Hieb. "I know of one place that's doing an ice-cream float party, some of the other places are doing themed parties. It's whatever you'd like to do, and the chance to get your friends and your neighbors to come talk with you, and get a visit from the police department, fire department, coast guard, and be able to talk to us. I know we have a couple of mascots coming with us this year, and I believe we also have some of our equipment coming with us that we use that people don't get to see very often but can take a look at woo when we stop by."

If there isn't a party arranged on your street yet, it's not too late. Hosting a party is easy and rewarding.

"Get a hold of the police department, 586-0600 is our main number, talk to any who's organizing the National Night Out, and we will help set you up as a block captain. Simple process and you'll be ready to go!" said Hieb.

You can also find more information online through JPD's website at the link below.

By: Mikko Wilson -