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19th annual Juneau Harvest Fair held last Sunday
Published: 09/01/2011 20:50:00
Last Sunday was the 19th annual Harvest Fair at the Juneau community garden. John Thedinga is the Board President of the Juneau Community Garden, he told us about the event: "Harvest fair is about, just a celebration of all the gardening that we've done; not only in the garden but the whole community. It's kind of a chance to show off what you've grown and just have a good time."

Thedinga also told us about some of the events taking place at the fair: "We've got of course the all popular Chicken Poop Bingo. We've got a farmers market where the individual gardeners here donate fruits and vegetables for sale, that's one of our fundraisers. We have our exhibits, where people can display all their best produce, jellies, jams; different arrangements. Those are all judged and there are prizes for the winners. We sell food here, and there are activities for the kids. And people can take tours of the garden and just take a look and see what people are growing here."

One highly popular activity is Chicken Poop Bingo. The game is simple, take a number, and then hope that one of the chickens marks you as the winner.

Darcie Neff, a volunteer with the Community Garden, explained how it all got started: "Well there's somebody who's on the board of the community garden, and she knew I had chickens, and she mentioned it; I'd never heard of Chicken Poop Bingo and so she was explaining it to me, and we looked at a Youtube video, and I was like 'ok, I can do that'. So, we've be doing this for 4 years now here at the community garden. And people like to come, all the kids like it, parents like it. It's a once a year activity."

By: Mikko Wilson -