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Now in Digital HD on Ch. 5.1!
KATH-HD now available on DirecTV across Southeast Alaska
Published: 02/03/2012 14:22:00
DirecTV carries KATH-HD across Southeast Alaska on channel 5
DirecTV carries KATH-HD across Southeast Alaska on channel 5 (DirecTV)


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KATH-TV launches Digital TV service, expands HD coverage

DirecTV started carrying KATH's high definition channel "KATH-HD" Friday morning, just in time for the Super Bowl on Sunday. The channel is now available to viewers across the entirety of Southeast Alaska on DirecTV channel 5.

To watch in HD, viewers will need a DirecTV HD receiver connected to a HDTV and the "Southeast Alaska Locals" service package. Viewers who already have a DirecTV HD system and already receive KATH-TV on channel 5 will get the new HD channel automatically by simply tuning to the same channel 5 and their receiver will select the HD signal.

KATH-HD was launched in 2008 in Juneau on GCI cable for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and expanded to all GCI cable systems in Southeast Alaska by the 2009 Super Bowl. Last September KATH-HD became available for free over-the-air to viewers with an antenna in Downtown Juneau and Douglas when KATH-TV installed a new digital TV transmitter. The digital over-the-air signal also carries the signal into the Echostar system used to feed satellite viewers on DishNet and DirecTV. The satellite providers can then chose how to carry the signal.

DirecTV's launch of the HD channel on February 3rd comes just in time for the Super Bowl which KATH-TV will broadcast on Sunday. This is the first time that many communities across Southeast Alaska, only accessibly by satellite communications, have access to NBC programming in High Definition. KATH-HD carries about 22 hours of High Definition and 16:9 widescreen programming every day, including NBC, Statewide and National news, and various syndicated programs. NBC will also broadcast the London Summer Olympic Games later this year.

DishNet has not indicated when they may make the HD channel available to viewers, pending bandwidth space on their satellites. KATH-TV is continuing to work with DishNet to get the HD services available to those viewers as soon as possible also.

By: Mikko Wilson -