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Wearable Art 2012 this weekend at Centenial Hall
Published: 02/09/2012 17:45:00
This weekend is the annual Juneau Wearable Art show, and crews are already hard at work preparing Centennial Hall for the extravaganza.

Flordelino Lagundino is the director of Wearable Art 2012, he told us about the show: "The theme this year is fusion, and what we were interested in was 'how do you take different elements and put them together', it's kind of like what people have been doing already, but really kind of focusing on that. People have been using materials such as hair, people are using materials such as old cans, recyclable materials, or they've taken like pieces that they've done in the past and put them in the new piece this year. We have one person using Heritage Coffee cup lids, stuff like that, and making a dress out of it. So fusion is for us as far as setting the stage, is like fusion as in kind of like nuclear fusion, or something like that.

That's the biggest thing about Wearable Art is that we're trying to create an atmosphere where the artists are having fun and then also that the audience is having a lot of fun. And all of it goes to support the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council."

Some of the 31 acts in this year's show have been working for months on their costumes, and many are still working on the finishing touches. The organizers work with each act to provide the best stage possible.

"As a director this year, what I've really tried to do is look at what each artist is doing individually, and then each artist has like two and a half minutes; what can we do as artists, support staff, to help that two and half minutes be the best it can be. If they have a specific idea, how do we present that idea and make it clear to the audience and make it really powerful. So I think that that's what I would love people to do, is just stay open to it; people have put a lot of work into this and I think they'll have a good time" said Lagundino.

By: Mikko Wilson -