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Slush Cup celebrates end of the ski season with a splash
Published: 04/15/2012 13:10:00
It was a record breaking snow year at Eaglecrest this winter; but as temperatures rise into spring, it was time for the ski area to close last weekend. However Eaglecrest brought back a long running event for the end of the season in the theme of getting out on the water: The slush cup. The idea is simple: After skiing or snowboarding through a few gates, the goal is to get across a pond using momentum, careful steering, and lots of luck; Plan B is to make as big a splash as you can while not getting across the pond.

John Logan was the first up, and a little nervous: "It's kinda scary" he said before his run as another competitor commented how long the pond looked from the starting line up on the mountain. "Yeah, it's like 'am I going to make it across or am I going to do a header, or am I going to go on my back?' Just trying to get some speed to get across" added Logan.

In addition to costumes, equipment varies from snowboard to skis; and for one brave soul; Quinn Zahasky, something so short they are barely longer than the boots they are attached to. His prediction of making it across the pond was cheerfully pessimistic: "These... I'm doomed. They're like 90 centimeters, maybe. And then bags to keep my feet dry, but it's going to fail." When asked if he expected to get wet, he laughed and replied "Oh totally. Total face plant I'm sure."

Perhaps a boat is a better method of transport? Another competitor's costume was a fake kayak. Due to competition rules to minimize flying debris after crashes; he was forced to throw aside his paddle as he approached the pond as the announcers and crowd added encouragement: "Oh yeah! He's got the kayak. ... So even if he goes in, he's just going to kayak on out. ... Go shay! ... Big cheer, big cheer! Let's see what happens at this point."

Almost appearing to do so on purpose to demonstrate the ability to float with what has to be a rare combination of ski-launched kayak, he crashed into the pond with a large splash to the cheers of the crowd as he started to hand-paddle across the pond.

Whatever the strategy the result is a fun celebration of the transition into spring for spectators and competitors alike. One of the younger competitors; Ben, entered the Slush Cup for the first time this year. He didn't make it across and found the water at 32 degrees colder than he was expecting, but had a great time: "If I could describe it in one word... a couple of words, it'd be fun, cold, and extremely breathtaking. It's breathtaking. Literally" he said laughing.

The winners of the slush cup are posted at Eaglecrest's website at the link below.

By: Mikko Wilson -