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4th of July 2012 preview & weather forecast
Published: 06/28/2012 18:31:20
Updated: 06/28/2012 18:33:23

The 4th of July is next week, and we have a first look at the weather forecast from National Weather Service forecaster Rick Fritsch: "What the numeric models are showing as far as precipitation, rain, is concerned; with the way the spring has gone so far, and the first few days of summer have gone. At this point I'm leaning a little more towards a chance of rain. There will be high pressure off the coast in the Gulf of Alaska which is going to create a stable air mass. So it's more than likely going to be a very very fine light drizzly type of rain. Not enough to really soak anybody out, but still probably be wet on the night of the 3rd and probably have wet pavement on the morning of the 4th."

One group watching the weather very carefully is the fireworks crew. They have to decide during the afternoon well before dinner time if the weather is good enough to shoot the show.

Gary Stambaugh is a shooter wit the Juneau fireworks crew, he told us about this year's show: "We've got a great show this year. We've got 3 little special sections that you need to watch. And right at the very beginning we've got a couple of surprises there. We should have some really great flames coming off the barge, get your attention going. And then we'll build the show from there. The middle of the show we've got a really cool section I've wanted to do for a number of years; it's kind of the 'planetary' section. So you'll see lots of Jupiters and Saturns and falling stars and shooting stars and all kinds of great designs that you'll know. And then at the end for the finale, we've got a very very fun finale to get it into the air and you'll know when the ending is for sure. We always like to have a little pause, get everybody ready for it, and then we've got a lot of very cool shells to get up in the air and new ones to be looking at this year also."

The fireworks crew loves to hear the cheers from the crowd, but if you can't make it downtown, you can see the fireworks live on KATH-TV at midnight on the 3rd, weather permitting of course. And the Parade will air Sunday July 8th at 5:30pm.

We've posted extended look at the current weather patterns from the national weather service right here at our website, where we'll also have weather updates from the fireworks crew on the afternoon and evening of the 3rd.

By: Mikko Wilson -