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Concerts In The Park a little different this year
Published: 07/11/2012 10:20:00
Concerts In The Park is an outdoor concert series that takes place every Friday during the summer, but this year there have been some changes.

Kari Groven, Program Coordinator at the JAHC, told us about the new arrangements. "The Concerts in the Park are starting a little earlier this year. So we're starting at 5:30, and going until 7:00. And also the seating situation is a little bit different now that they remodeled the park, so the biggest difference there is that we ask people to bring their own chairs, now there's not really any seating there."

The newly remodeled Marine Park has changed the layout of the concerts, according to Groven. "Space to stand, space to dance. There's some wonderful flat ground there where you can dance around, and there's some great dance music being performed there during the summer as well. And when the grass mounds are opened up, people can sit on those as well" she said.

The record breaking rain this summer has also caused the concerts to be moved inside at City Hall and the JACC, but that's just part of the arts in Juneau.

"Well you know, it's always interesting to organize outdoors events in Juneau because of the weather that we do have. So I think that every concert so far has been different from the others pretty much. We've had concerts in the Assembly Chambers, at the JACC or under the pavilion at the park. But it's nice, it's really nice, it's a community event. The performers, they donate their time; and we pass around a donation jar, and the money goes towards the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council's programs over the year. And, it just, it feels good wherever it is I think" said Groven.

Concerts in the Park run through August 17th; if the weather is too wet for Marine Park, the JAHC website will list an inside location the day of the concert at the link below.

By: Mikko Wilson -