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Juneau Economic Development Council holds first Small Business Expo
Published: 02/04/2010 17:14:00
This Wednesday, the Juneau Economic Development Council hosted their first Small Business Expo at Juneaus Centennial Hall.

Brian Holst, Executive Director of the JEDC told us about the event. "This is an opportunity to reach out to the small business community in Juneau to make them more aware of the many resources that are available in our community to support small business. The Juneau Economic Development Council is very concerned with our economy, we understand that small business is really an important driver in our local economy any local economy. Its an event that is free, we have a nice turn out from the public, we have 28 resource exhibitors that have also participated free. And we have a series of workshops that weve been able to give today throughout this afternoon."

While free workshops provided information on everything from writing a business plan to marketing and the use of online business tools, various companies and organizations where on hand to provide information to local businesses, especially those just getting started.

Lance Stevens , Regional V.P., of Alaska USA Federal Credit Union gave some financial pointers: "Have a really good business plan, and do your homework, you need to research every angle from financing to insurance to suppliers and all of that. It really has to be in-depth so you are getting the most for your money, and to protect your cash-flow."

Tourism is a major part of Juneaus economy and as we move toward spring the effects of last years economic downturn on the upcoming summer season are being speculated.

Valerie Kelton, Membership Services Coordinator, of the Juneau Convention & Visitors Bureau commented "Were hearing mixed stories, were just getting into the new season so people are starting to get business booked. Our website has a lot more traffic on it than it has the last couple of months, so we are encouraged that people are starting to book their trips and are going to come to Juneau."

By: Mikko Wilson -