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Brewer and Shipley perform at Centennial Hall
Published: 05/23/2013 10:45:00
Brewer and Shipley, a musical duo best known for their hit "One Toke over the Line", recently played Centennial Hall in Juneau, opening for the Bellamy Brothers. We had a chance to have a little chat with them about their experiences playing on tour in Alaska.

Anncr: "Ladies and Gentleman, Brewer and Shipley."

Tom Shipley:
"First time we played In Alaska was a thing called the Freaker's Ball in Soldotna Alaska, and there were a bunch of people I think most of them were criminals from the lower 48 hiding out up here in Alaska. Michael and I are on this stage, they've got smudge pots on the stage and there were these giant mosquitoes would not leave us alone, can you imagine trying to play like this and all of a sudden you've got this thing drilling into your cheek"

Michael Brewer:
"I remember turning around seeing a drummer at one point, the only person who couldn't swat them, his face was covered with mosquitoes."

Tom Shipley:
"We love Alaska; I would do this tour just to do Alaska. We've been down in the lower 48 but it's been Native America, the Dakota's, Wyoming, Montana, we've been to Little Bighorn, just visiting, that's one of the cool things about traveling is all the places you get to see. Saw the Crazy Horse Monuments, under construction and whatever, and coming up to Alaska. So far we've done what? Kenai, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau and tomorrow we go to Ketchikan, and every part of it's just absolutely wonderful."

Michael Brewer:
"This is a very special day, because usually it's pouring rain, every time we've been here, not every day there's been some sunny days but the last time we were here it was pouring rain and I know that that happens a lot. For the first part of the tour it was snowing like crazy on the Kenai Peninsula and they were saying this was outrageous for May but it was beautiful nonetheless, but I'm liking this a lot better than bundled up in a parka."

By: Rik Pruett -