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Flowers along Egan Drive are sure sign of spring
Published: 05/30/2013 10:50:00
There are a few sure signs of spring that let you know the season is finally here, like seeing your first robin, another one here in Juneau is the flowers being planted downtown in the median of Egan Drive. It's a project that takes a lot of advance planning and it begins way back in the middle of winter.
Ben Patterson, the Landscape Maintenance Supervisor for the C.B.J. Parks and Rec. Department, Explains.

"It all starts about the first week of February out there in the greenhouse, we plant all these flowers from seed, and we plant in our operations facility that's on Riverside out there and then we have about five hundred and fifty flats of flowers that go into the greenhouse and they stay in there until this time of year when we bring them outside for a little while, for about a week or so, and then they end up in the medians and in about thirty different spots all around town."

They plant over six thousand flowers in the median every year between the Gold Creek Bridge and Whittier Avenue, and all that hand planting takes the Parks and Rec team a fair amount of time to accomplish.

Ben Patterson:
"It varies depending on the weather, we've had pretty good weather this year, but believe it or not the good weather actually slows us down, we have to water more often so that takes some man hours to do that, all said it takes about a week.

The flats that you see there, we start with those and each four inch cell we put a divider in it and then we put the seeds in each cell by hand and that takes over a month to do all of that and what we end up with is about eighteen thousand flowers by this time of year.

It's a great feeling when you get it all done and it all starts to bloom, it's one to the best things to see in town when you drive down here it's a great thing about Juneau that we do this for everyone."

By: Rik Pruett -