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Zach Gordon Youth Center offers summer camps for Kids
Published: 06/27/2013 13:00:00
The Zach Gordon Youth Center offers an amazing variety of camp opportunities for kids every week during the summer, from fishing to arts to running and even sandcastle building. We tagged along for this week's adventure, which among other activities, included kayaking. Jess Brown, the Teen Advocate for the Youth Center told us more about it.

"So this week we're doing the Adventure Treasure Chest Camp, and its three long days of just fun stuff outside, so yesterday we went out to SAGA's (Southeast Alaska Guidance Association) ropes course and today we're going out to Saga and we're kayaking in the Salt Chuck and I think that will be great.

The cool thing about getting kids in kayaks is that it doesn't always happen, you know for a lot of our kids it'll be the first time that they're in kayaks and also I think it's such an incredible step away from their ordinary lives of being in front of TV's, and computers and right now as we speak you know while we're waiting for other kids to show up, they're inside trying to get on the Wii or the PlayStation so this'll be a great chance for them to get outside and connect their minds and their bodies with nature and it's something that I think a lot of these kids don't normally do."

It was a special day for a young man named Ethan, one of the camp's participants, who had never been in a kayak before.

(Reporter) Have you ever been kayaking before?

"No but I have been canoeing, it's very fun to be out on the water, I even went fishing once on a boat. It is a great pleasure to be here, its beautiful, the mountains everything and I'm excited to go kayaking.

Most parents agree that anytime that you can get kids away from the TV and out into the world is a good thing, and a great way to broaden their horizons and keep them active. The youth center is lucky that they have partners to help them attain that goal, and one of them is the Southeast Alaska Guidance Association, which provides the kayaks and the ropes course for the camp. A fact much appreciated by the Ms. Brown.

"Well of course this week wouldn't be possible without the help of SAGA, and they've always been a key partner in this camp for the Adventure Treasure Chest Camp and so I'm really happy to be working with them."

By: Rik Pruett -