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Antique Locomotive destined for display at S.L.A.M.
Published: 07/11/2013 11:00:00
There's a very large piece of local history that's come home again after an absence of almost ninety years. It's an electric locomotive, used during the old mining days, repatriated in 2008 compliments of the California State Railroad Museum, and destined for display at the new State Library Archives Museum. Kyle Wyatt, the Curator of History and Technology for the California Museum, told us how the Locomotive came home to Juneau

"This locomotive was built in 1914 and was built in Philadelphia for the Alaska Gastineau Mining Company, It operated until about 1920-21 when that operation shut down and they sold the locomotive to a cement plant that was down near Santa Cruz California, Santa Cruz Portland Cement Company. And it operated there for about sixty years.

Finally in the 1980's it was retired, replaced with a conveyor belt, and the locomotives were acquired by a private individual who ultimately gave them to the railroad museum. In 2008 we were reviewing some of our collections and concluding that some things were maybe a bit surplus to some of our needs and I got to thinking 'Well, where would be an appropriate home for one? Well this thing operated in Alaska, I wonder if the Alaska State Museum would have any interest in it?'

As you may know, the Museum is building a new building and there is a place in that building that has specifically been designed to receive this locomotive, will be part of a mining display on Alaska Mining, and they've actually reinforced the floor to receive the locomotive, the locomotive will be restored, so it will be a centerpiece on mining history in Alaska."

By: Rik Pruett -