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Wild Image Project reveals rare glimpses of the Natural World
Published: 08/08/2013 12:00:00
As the modern age and the digital world begin to overtake the simpler ways of life, people often seem to lose touch with their connection with the natural world. One man however has found his own way to re-establish that connection and to help others do the same through his efforts, hence; the Wild Image Project, by Daniel Fox, who explained to us what it means to him.

"The Wild Image Project is an ongoing narrative about my relationship with Nature, so I write stories, I do photography and I do short videos, and it's kind of a poetic approach, sometimes philosophical, about our relationship with the planet and how sometimes we need to re-connect with nature.

I go to places and I stay there for about two weeks or a month and I just wait for my surroundings to speak to me, my creative process is pretty particular in that way. This kind of expedition is a different process because you're constantly on the move, but when I really want to create these portraits that I do, or more of the artistic photography that I do, I just go to a place and I just stay there for a while and then I just absorb it and then I start to create."

And his creations are stunning images that he shares with the rest of us on;
A website born in a manner that most of us can only dream of.

"So the Wild Image Project basically came up five years ago when I reassessed my future and decided that the corporate world was not for me and I wanted to go back and do what I always wanted to do which is this, traveling the world and spending time in nature, coming to Alaska and Kayak."

We met Daniel last week just after he completed his most recent expedition, a kayak trip along the outer coast.

"Nathaniel, my expedition partner, and I, we've been wanting to do trips in Alaska for a long time and the timing was never right and then finally all the pieces came together so he came up with the route of kayaking from Sitka to Hoonah and so we did it, we just actually got off the ferry two hours ago and it was a wonderful trip. I'm falling in love with Alaska; I think I'm going to be coming back real soon."

By: Rik Pruett -