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Eaglecrest to celebrate Olympics with Fireworks & opening ceremony viewing party this Saturday
Published: 02/12/2010 19:49:00
Eaglecrest will be celebrating winter and saluting the 2010 Winter Olympic Games on Saturday, February 13. Events include a Olympics opening ceremony viewing party, a torchlight parade, and the Winter Fireworks Spectacular!

"With the help of KATH we will relive the 2010 Opening Ceremonies in the Day Lodge" said Jeffra Clough, Director of Sales & Marketing. "Hooter will stay open until 5pm and the Fireworks Spectacular will begin at 6pm".

The opening ceremony from Friday night will be presented on a large screen in the Day Lodge from about 3pm, ending at 6pm when the torchlight parade and fireworks start.

The 4th of July Fireworks crew will present the 2010 Winter Fireworks Spectacular. "The show is built for Eaglecrest and you get to see it up close and personal!" said Gary Stambaugh, 4th of July crew.

By: Mikko Wilson -