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Pipeline Skate Park re opens after renovation
Published: 03/04/2010 17:25:00
Last Saturday, the Pipeline Skate-Park was re opened after a month of renovation work to give the facility an uplift and improve safety.

Jordan Kendall, a member of the Skate Park Advisory Board told us about the event: The idea of an open house; its open to the community to come see and get involved. To see all the aspects of skateboarding they didnt know where around and existed. I think just learning about another community resource that we have and trying to provide the best opportunity for people to come out.

In addition to new paint and re-building many of the ramps; crews have installed a locking gate to keep the city owned park secure at night.

They were just trying to paint the walls over and get it prepped more; sanding out all these bubble spots so we can start some murals in here. Me being a UAS art student I really want to try to get UAS art students involved in here, and I think thatd be really good view for them, and they could relate to whats going on here, that aspect of the community. Explained Kendall The city crew just basically came in and wanted to make everything safe, and make it look finished. cause before it was just really hodgepodge and there was a lot of stuff that was unfinished and a lot of just things that were loose. You know, maybe boards just like cracked and stuff, so they just wanted to make it safe. Make it so that people cant tunnel underneath the ramps anymore, closed stuff off and make it clean and sweep up out here. To try to make it as presentable as possible.

Will Muldoon, also on the Skate Park Advisory Board, elaborated Yeah, its as much of a face lift structurally as it is image wise. We were really working towards; you know, its kind of broken window policy is that if we fix the small things, the town will get behind it and be excited about it again. And thats what our main goal is; its to have the youth get excited again. It was started by the youth, it was a Phoenix Project 10 years ago, and we would love to see that happen again.

The Pipeline Skate Park is now open daily.

By: Mikko Wilson -